8 Things That You Need to Take Care While Applying Face Mask

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Every woman wants to have glowing and clean skin. Pimples, acne wrinkles, etc are nightmare for women. Especially at the young age women want to look more attractive. Best way to get natural and long lasting glow on skin is to get it by natural ways. One of them is to apply homemade natural face masks. You can prepare face mask from turmeric, banana, honey, papaya, and so on. Face mask can be prepared  by taking ingredient depending upon the skin type that you have and also depending upon the problem that you want to cure, like wrinkles, acne etc.

Here we share the basic yet very important things that you should know while applying the face mask:

  1. Never prepare too thick or hard paste for face mask. It is difficult to apply on face and it can never be absorbed deep inside the skin. This type of face mask can’t give expected results.
  2. Face mask should not be too dilute.As this can’t stay on skin and flows down from skin. This makes your clothes dirty and sometimes you even get un-wanted stains on clothes.
  3. Never try to dry it by sitting under the fan or any other source of air. This makes it dry so fast and un-naturally that it can’t be absorbed by skin. This fast drying of face mask does not give it the time to go deep inside and get absorbed by skin.
  4. Going under direct sunlight is totally unadvised. First it makes face mask to dry fast and secondly some face mask, having lemon juice as ingredient, can make your skin itching and uncomfortable.
  5. Use natural water to wash your face to remove the face mask. You can use lukewarm water or normal water depending upon the face mask. But try to avoid the face wash or scrubs that have harsh chemical ingredients.
  6. Rubbing face with towel after washing the face mask is worst thing to do with your face. So never rub your face. Always try to pat dry the face with soft towel.
  7. Never apply too much of face masks in routine. Give some days in between to skin to settle down to natural conditions. This gives you the time to observe the outcome of earlier applied face mask as well.
  8. If you have allergy from any specific product, ingredient, etc then never use any face mask that have that specific product or ingredient in face mask.

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