Eye Care Beauty Tips: False Lashes

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Wearing False lashes is much easier than you think with the Winks! With a little practice, winks are as easy to apply as mascara, and the results are much amazing.

Note: Winks are the finishing touch to any makeup routine, the icing on cake! Apply them at last(after eyeliner and mascara).

Gently roll lashes out of compact with fingertip.

Hold one faux lash up to your eye to see if the size fits. Some styles are longer than others, so if necessary, trim Winks from the outer concerns for a perfect fit.

Squeeze a dot of adhesive onto the back  your hand and drag the lash band through it, paying special attention to the corners.

Bend the  false lash into a horeshoe shape for 60 seconds while the adhesive becomes tacky.

Place the center of the false lash onto the natural lash line(eyeliner marks an instant guideline!) and lightly tap down each side with the rounded end of a little makeup brush. You can also gently pinch your eye lashes and our winks together to better blend.

At bedtime, gently remove the false lashes, roll away any excess adhesive  with fingertips and store in your refillable compact to main shape and longevity.



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