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Best Things to Do on This New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve !

Every one is waiting for New Year Eve. Most of us will focus on party on this happening event. People are making plans to get the best enjoyment out of it. Every one is making plans for this new year’s eve party. People are buying new dresses and doing shopping to look good & get best memories from this new year party time. We should focus on overall enjoyment during this event, rather than  getting drunk and creating nuisance. Let’s discuss about what should be our agenda for this evening that will be rocking.

best things to do on new year’s eve:

  1. Party: This is the time for party. Enjoy the party time  as much as you can. Party does not mean to be getting drunk or doing odd things that can create nuisance, but to enjoy the time. So friends please take care, Enjoy and let others enjoy.
  2. New Dresses: After all you will be at your best at the time when new year knocks on, So why to wear the old dress. Why not get the new one for this best party time on new year’s eve.
  3. Time with Friends: Enjoyment can done only with friends, no other thing can make you happy as much this lovely gift from God. So try to be with your best friends on this happening time.
  4. Enjoy the Success of Last Year: Best thing to do is to remember and enjoy the success of the last year. When we celebrate the success, only then the enjoyment can be best felt. Success makes us feel happy.
  5. Makeup: Try to do makeup which suits you best. You know your skin tone best, so go for tried and tested  makeup tips. trying something new on this happening time is not suggested. Let’s get one best feature from your face highlighted with makeup, to get heads turned when you enter the party.

Try these simple but best tips for new year’s eve & enjoy the time !

Natural Beauty ! You Must Know about it !!

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Natural Beauty !!

We humans are blessed with a lot of good things by GOD and one of them is the Natural Beauty that we have because of our features and looks. We love to get appreciation for anything that we do, and best is to get appreciated for looks that are given by GOD. Of course ! it requires a lot of efforts to maintain that beauty.

Here we will discuss about how to look beautiful naturally without wearing heavy makeup:

  1. You must know which is the best feature that you have and you should appreciate that. Try to focus on that part of face, be it eyes, nose, lips, etc.
  2. Never try to hide the natural beauty with the heavy makeup.
  3. Always make sure to high light the best part of you. This can be done by not highlighting the others.
  4. Know your skin colour/tone, and use the tricks & tips for beauty accordingly.
  5. Never try to use makeup products made from harsh chemicals. These can destroy your natural beauty.
  6. It is Best to use home made beauty products like Aloveera, almond oil, honey, cucumber, milk, etc. Home made products with these natural ingredients are very effective and safe for use.
  7. Use home made face packs, made with all natural ingredients to protect natural beauty.

Benefits of St John’s Wort (Choli Phulya) ? It is Good for Skin !!

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St John’s Wort is Good for ?

St John’s Wort is know as “Choli Phulya” in Hindi Language. It has many benefits that can be taken in daily life by using it. Some are mentioned here:


St John’s Wort is good for particularly soothing for inflammatory skin conditions caused by eczema, psoriasis, and lupus, when used it’s macerated oil. The oil, tincture, or strong tea can be used topically to treat cold sores and viral skin lesions. Apply the oil neat, but do not apply before sun exposure as it may increase the photo-sensitivity of the skin.


St John’s Wort’s oil or tincture is excellent at treating nerve pain, inflammatory joints, and tendinitis, as well as soothing the pain and inflammatory of sore skin, minor scalds, sunburns, cuts, and grazes. You can also dab the tincture on cuts and wounds.


St John’s Wort is good for alleviate muscle pain. Use St John’s Wort’s oil as a massage oil to get the best from it.


The herb St John’s Wort is good for soothing to the nervous system and has been used to good effect in treating mild to moderate depression and menopausal anxiety. The relaxing and antidepressant effect of St John’s Wort can also induce restful sleep, which in turn provides healthy skin and hair.

Relaxing and Antidepressant effect of St John’s Wort (Choli Phulya)

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St John’s Wort (Choli Phulya)

It is well known that St John’s Wort is effective as a sedative and can help lift mild to moderate depression. Less well known are its benefits when used externally as a tincture or macerated oil. These include an anti-inflammatory action on the skin, a calming effect on nerve pain, and a healing action for minor cuts and abrasions.


The use of this yellow flowering herb dates back to the Ancient Greeks who believed it protected them from evil spirits. Today, it’s known as an effective remedy for depression.


The flowers and leaves can be made into a medicinal tea.


The leaves of St John’s Wort plant have small oil glands that look like perforations or windows, which can be seen when they are held against the light.


Taking St John’s Wort as a tincture helps the herb get into your bloodstream quickly.


Made by infusing the fresh flowers into an oil such as olive oil, this deeply coloured oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

The relaxing and antidepressant effect of St John’s Wort can induce a restful night’s sleep.

Lemon Thyme (अजवायन) Skin and Hair Benefits

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Lemon Thyme or अजवायन(Ajvain) is the most common herb present in every household. Lemon Thyme is having a whiff that holds a person and refreshes the mind. Lemon thyme skin benefits are obvious as it has been in use since our ancestors. Thymol, the constituent of thyme is a strong antiseptic. It’s warm and toning effect on skin helps in improving blood circulation and thus gives a glowing and unblemished skin tone.

Here are the lemon thyme skin benefits:

Soothes and Conditions Skin: Thyme essential oil and tincture when used in diluted form are effective for treating eczema. Don’t use on oversensitive skin or on infants under 2 year age.
Improves Skin tenor: As mentioned above, the Diluted thyme oil or tincture has invigorating and toning effect on the circulatory system, thus it helps to brighten the complexion. The damage against the free-radical is protected by Antioxidant phenols and flavonoids.
One of the Best for Acne treatment: It has been proved that thyme tincture is better medicinal than benzoyl peroxide, the active ingredient in most anti-acne creams or washes, at killing the bacterium that causes acne (propionibacterium acnes) by infecting skin pores and forming spots, whiteheads and pimples.

Antiseptic: Since ancient times, thyme has been used in baths to treat infections, boils and sores. It is pertinent to mention here that the antiseptic properties of thyme oil helps to eliminate body and head lice; scabies and can be effective against Candida albicans as well as fungal nail infections and athlete’s foot. It is adviced to use diluted thyme oil for infections, boils and sores.
• Conditions Hair and Scalp: When used with hair rinses and scalp treatments, thyme oil or tincture can assist in clearing conditions like dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.
• Eases Pains and Aches: The oil mixed into a warming cream and lotion, is wonderful for rubbing into aching joints and muscles. This also helps in giving relieve from knee joint pains.
• Stress reliever: A massage mix made with thyme oil brings ease from anxiety, stress or low-feeling and promotes relaxing sleep.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender has a sweet, calming fragrance and is the most versatile and widely used of all the essential oils. Its regenerative effect on the skin stimulates the growth of healthy new cells, promotes rapid healing and helps to prevent scarring. The essential oil and the floral water have soothing and balancing properties when used on burns, wounds, bites and inflammatory skin conditions.

What It Is Good For?

Heals Cuts, Scrapes and Bruises:

Lavender essential oil is extremely useful for treating wounds, ulcers and sores of all kinds. Its antiseptic properties prevent infection setting in, while at the same time promoting healing and minimizing scarring. Unlike most essential oils, you can use it neat on the skin. As a first-aid remedy it can be used neat on abrasions, wounds, burns, insect bites and stings.

Tones Skin:

After cleansing, use Lavender floral water (also known as Hydrosol) as an effective skin toner, or decant it into a spray bottle and use it as a toning facial spritz. It revitalizes and refreshes, and its antiseptic properties make it a good choice for oily or acne prone skin.

Conditions and Soothes Skin:

Lavender floral water has regenerative effects on inflamed or damaged skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Added to, lotions, massage oils, and bath preparations, it helps to soften and condition skin. Some commercial products can be adulterated with synthetic linalool and linalyl acetate-be sure to check under the ingredients label for the Latin name, Lavendula angustifolia.

Repairs And Protects Skin:

If you have sunburn, a spritz of Lavender floral water can help to cool and repair skin.

honey benefits for skin

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Honey benefits for skin!

Beautiful Bee Ingredients
Bees are remarkable creatures. They are responsible for pollinating around 85 % of the world’s food crops. They also make honey, wax and propolis, all of which have been regarded as skin healers for thousands of years. All three ingredients are valued for their moisturizing, antiseptic and skin-conditioning properties. You can use it for everything, from face mask to wound healer.
Honey(Mel Mellis)

Heals Cuts, scrapes and Bruises: Honey is a natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. It contains hydrogen peroxide, which is partly responsible for its healing properties. Medical-grade honey is used widely to treat wounds of all kinds-from minor cuts and scalds to skin ulcers.
Acts as an antiseptic: It is a traditional remedy for infected acne spots. The benefits of honey are also being researched in the fight against a strain of bacteria called MRSA.
Repairs and Protects skin: Honey is a natural humectants(a substance that attracts and retains moisture), honey makes a good addition to skin-care products, especially those meant for sensitive skin.

Stay tuned for more honey benefits for skin!

how does calendula help skin?

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Calendula (Geinde ka phool)

Calendula has a healing action on the skin and can be used in a variety of infusions, tinctures, liquid extracts, creams or ointments. It has rejuvenating properties and is often incorporated into moistures, sun , hair and baby care products. Its popularity- especially for sensitive and dry skins- is due to  quickly soothe irritated skin and repair skin tissue.

What is it good for?

Conditions and soothe skin:  Along with potent natural resins and volatile oils, Calendula oil is bursting with antioxidants that help to fight inflammation. Herbalists combine Calendula, comfrey, Echinacea and St. John’s wort to make an all-purpose skin salve.

Repairs and Protects Skin: Calendula oil or cream is a good choice for healing cuts and skin ulcers and soothing dermatitis. It is mildly antiseptic so also helps to prevent infection. Hypercal cream, which is a staple of most natural first aid kits, is a mixture of hypericum(St. John’s wart) and Calendula. Calendula ointment is also good remedy for perineal tears after childbirth. You can also apply Calendula oil or cream after sun exposure to keep skin in good condition.

Teeth and Gum care: Toothpaste with Calendula extract can significantly reduce plaque, gingivitis and bleeding gums. Use a Calendula infusion or tincture as a mouthwash or gargle.

Foot care:
Calendula oil is a traditional remedy for bunions, verrucae and foot ulcers. Modern studies show that combined with a protective dressing, a cream made from a variant of Calendula, Tagetes patula(French Marigold), reduces the size and pain of bunions. The flowers of this variety should never be consumed.


what beauty products should i use?

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We should go for using the right products. If more of us refuse to buy toxic products and transform our beauty routine, manufacturers will quickly get the message that using industrial chemicals in beauty products is not acceptable.

1. Simplify Your Routine

Use fewer products daily and be choosy about what you use.

2. Choose certified organic cosmetics

These help you avoid the worst cosmetic offenders, which are simply not allowed under organic rules. But watch out for the organic “pretenders”- those products that have a small percentage of organic ingredients in an otherwise toxic mix of synthetic chemicals. Only a product carrying a certified organic stamp is guaranteed to be free of these.

3. Try Natural Fragrances

Look for products that are fragranced with essential oils rather than those that use generic “parfum”, which is usually synthetic.

4. Make Your Own Beauty Products

A satisfying and creative pastime, making your own beauty products may also be good for your health. Not only can you tailor the ingredients to your personal needs, but you can also be absolutely sure of what goes into them.

5. Never Experiment

Avoid experimenting new products on your skin. Always use recommended products from skin experts or salons. If you can’t resist experimenting the new products, try applying it on hands, feet etc.

Stay tuned for more beauty tips !

Sunflower: The Ingredient must for Beauty

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Sunflower seeds produce a light colored oil with a delicate, nutty scent, ideal for use as a base oil in massage or as a carrier for essential oil blends.  It can be soothing and nourishing if you have dry, rough skin, or are suffering from eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions .

Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin E, Omega-6 linoleic acid and carotenoids, which can help repair and protect skin.

sunflower beauty oil


[highlight]Vitamin and mineral rich, this lightweight oil contains lecithin, a natural emulsifier, which makes it popular choice for home-made water and oil emulsions.[/highlight]


[highlight]Sunflower petals are edible and add a splash of color and a nutty flavour. The flowers produce a multitude of small black seeds.[/highlight]


Seeds The seeds are edible and have diuretic and antioxidant properties. They are a tasty source of protein and Vitamin B, D, E and K.

Salad Dressing Phyto-nutrients are destroyed by heat, so the best way to get best from sunflower oil is to use it cold as a salad dressing. Use sunflower oil, which retains more of the original nutritional content of the seeds and has a more pronounced flavour.

What it is good for?

REPAIRS AND PROTECTS SKIN Rich in vitamin E, sunflower oil can help prevent scarring, smooth the appearance of existing wrinkles, and generally improve the health and appearance of your skin. Studies show that sunflower oil can help to protect the skin of premature babies, who are more susceptible to infection and disease. It also helps to prevent and repair sun-damaged skin. Apply with damp hands to skin-it will soak of easily and does not need to be washed off.

CLEANSES AND TONES SKIN The oil is a good all-rounder for removing dirt and makeup. The presence of light waxes help form a protective emollient barrier on the skin to keep moisture in. It is light, dry oil and can be used on all skin types, even oily skin. Its linoleic acid has a toning quality on the skin that can help reduce inflammation and minimize the appearance of large pores. Apply using damp cotton wool or even damp fingers. Remove any excess oil with a damp muslin cloth or microfiber  cloth and rinse with warm, not hot, water.

TREATS ACNE An excellent oil for cleansing and moisturizing acne-prone skin. It contains carotenoids, a plant-based form of Vitamin A. Beta-carotene in skincare products can help lighten the appearance of red, inflamed spots and blemishes and can even out skin tone.

CONDITIONS HAIR AND SCALP The oil can tame flyway hair and reduce the appearance of split ends. Use as a conditioning treatment before shampooing or rub 1 or 2 drops onto your damp hands and run through the ends of your hair to control frizz. It is also a good treatment to massage into the scalp to treat dandruff or seborrhoeic dermatitis.