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Why Women Love Makeup ?

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Women Love Makeup!!

Yes! Women love makeup. Makeup is one of important thing that women wear daily. Women can’t even imagine going out without makeup. It has many reasons starting from looking awesome to highlighting the features of the face.

Makeup is the most discussed topic among women after the relations. Of course! shopping is always a hot topic for women to discuss.

Why Women Love Makeup?

  1. Makeup is the best way to highlight the features of the face that you like to enhance.
  2. Turning heads toward you in a party is dreamed by most women and makeup is the best way to do that.
  3. Makeup helps to make the skin tone smooth. All small dark spots can be suppressed by makeup and skin will be looking smooth.
  4. Makeup helps to look young and fresh. Wrinkles from face and neck can be easily removed by makeup. Basically, it helps to make the wrinkles less visible.
  5. Makeup is the only way to be sexier by applying the right combination of makeup along with the dress.
  6. Pink cheeks are the most admired feature by men, and makeup is the best way to get that.
  7. Sexy Lips always attracts to men and there is no way to make them sexier without lipstick or makeup.
  8. Dark spots on the skin create the distraction. But the same can be avoided by applying the makeup. makeup helps to fade away the dark spots.
  9. Makeup helps women to feel fresh. Right makeup always helps you feel fresh and young.
  10. Eyes are another way to communicate without speaking anything. Eye makeup adds more meaning to this talk by eyes without adding any words into it.

Women do wear makeup daily!!

Makeup along with dressing makes women look attractive and beautiful which is always admired by men. Women love makeup without any doubt.

Stay tuned for more tips for makeup!!

What is Foundation ? and How to Apply it ?

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What is Foundation

Foundation, as suggested by the name, is the starting point of makeup to achieve the flawless beauty. It provides the base to all makeup products that you apply on face and neck area. Applying makeup without foundation is not suggested and should be avoided always.

Wearing glamorous dresses is just not enough to look attractive and beautiful, but girls need flawless skin too. Makeup helps them to have it. Foundation is the basic step to start with. It helps your skin to look smooth and gives the glowing effect. It comes in various forms such as creamy, liquid, and powder based. It comes in many shades, so best is to go with shades that suit your skin tone. if you are going to use it the first time and don’t know which shade will be best for your skin tone. The best is to go for a swatch test with at least 2 – 3 shades of foundation at starting to know the best shade for your skin tone.

Steps to Apply the Foundation

  1. First of all, clean your skin (face). Go for any cleanser that suits your skin and clean your face
  2. To get the healthy look, it is advised to apply the moisturizer
  3. Use primer, it would help your foundation to last longer
  4. Now apply concealer on the areas where you need coverage like under eyes, around the mouth and forehead it will make your skin looks even
  5. Apply Foundation on the face, you can use a brush or your hands according to the convenience and apply it evenly all over your face. Don’t leave any area of face without applying the foundation
  6. To set your foundation, best is to use loose powder and complete the look

Foundation is the key to makeup !!

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Latest Nail Art that makes Nail Look Sexy !!

Latest Nail Art !!

Your beautiful hands will look more attractive if you have applied nail polish with latest nail-art. Your nails will be center point of attraction just by applying the latest nail art that suits your attire. There are many new things coming day by day in beauty world. Girls are always running for new trends but are choosy as well at the same time. It is always recommended to try new idea for makeup and beauty tips but with right way. Follow your intuition and choose the right set of nail art for you.

Find here the Latest Nail Art Trends:

  1. Combination Nail-Art: Combination nail art as suggested by name, can be made by applying the two or more color nail paints. Make the simple design by applying the right set of color and in right proportion. If you are going with smoky makeup then best to go for black and aqua color. It will give your nails trendy look.

    Combination Color Nail Art
    Combination Color Nail Art

  1. Flower Power Nail-Art: Looking beautiful is good but to look beautiful & attractive, you have to go little more trendy. Flower Power Nail-Art is latest for this. You can wear the flower printed outfit to look more trendy with this nail art.
  2. Colour Magic Nail Art: You can apply the three or four color of nail paint at the same time. Apply the different color on different nail. you can use the five different color for all five fingers Or can go for three colors and continue the same on other hand as well.
  3. Trendy Dots Nail Art: Apply the nail paint of your choice and then apply the dots of nail paint with contrast color to make your nails look more attractive. This is easy to make and attractive as well. You can make this art of two fingers of each hand and keep the others simple without dots.

    Latest Nail-Art Black Color
    Latest Nail-Art Black Color

Nail-Art is the Art which some one can’t be master of in one day, so have patience and enjoy the journey to look beautiful, even more & more beautiful than the day before.

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What is Over Makeup ? Should I Avoid It ?

Over Makeup !!

Over Makeup
Over Makeup

Makeup is something which is must to do thing. It is very essential part of young women’s  daily life.  Makeup is to give you a refreshed look, to make you look more beautiful and attractive. It can only enhance your beauty, but not create beauty.  When girls try to create beauty with the makeup, then it goes wrong in a big way, and here  comes the “over makeup”. Over make-up is when we do very heavy makeup to look beautiful, to make the face look scar-free, to make face skin tone more white than it is, etc. Every face have some unique features. We must try to play around them to look more attractive.

Should I Avoid Over Makeup ?

YES ! you must avoid doing over make-up. It will never make you more beautiful. In fact, it will hide the beauty that you have. Intelligent girls always try to look beautiful by enhancing the features that suits their face and body most, rather than focusing on make-up on face only.  The worse thing that will happen by doing over makeup , is that your face will be in contrast to the lower neck area. And that difference will define the makeup verses over make-up.

Why You Should Wear Less MAKEUP to Look More ATTRACTIVE ?

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Wearing Less Makeup to Look More Attractive !!

In today’s competitive world, you must look attractive and charming all the time.  But the busy schedule makes it very difficult to spend quality time on your makeup and looks that it deserves. Looking beautiful and attractive is not easy. As there are many makeup products coming in market time to time, so it is very necessary to be updated with them. To look trendy and attractive, one must be aware of trends getting followed in the town.

You can look more attractive by wearing less makeup. Of Course ! Yes, You can look more attractive and beautiful without wearing heavy makeup. We will share with you the simple tips that will make it happen.

It is right that Men do not prefer and get less attracted toward women wearing heavy makeup, but that doesn’t means that Men like no-makeup. They do like makeup but less makeup.

Looking beautiful is not about the artificial beauty but more about the actual natural beauty. Makeup can enhance the beauty but can’t create it. Wearing right dress can get you more complements.

Tips to look more attractive and beautiful with less makeup:

  1. You must keep reminding yourself that its not the only way to look attractive & beautiful. So try the other one – Dress, accessories, self confidence, etc.
  2. Focus on the features of you face / looks, that are most attractive. Let them work for you instead of makeup.
  3. Less makeup is far better to enhance the beauty of those features and make them look more beautiful. So don’t try to wear heavy makeup that will actually hide the natural beauty.
  4. Make-up should be reliable to last long for complete day, and less make-up is best for that.
  5. Looking attractive is more situation specific but looking beautiful is more lovable in every situation – party, office, social gathering, etc.

Look beautiful to look attractive !!

Sexy Lips !! What Makes Lips Sexy ?

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Sexy Lips !! 

Hearing the word “Sexy Lips” makes us feel excited about the shape of lips – Yes ! But it’s not only the shape of lips which makes them sexy, other qualities of lips also play major role to make them sexy.

Sharp feature and good looks are GOD gifted to us. We should take care of it to maintain that good looks and attractive personality.

For attractive face, lips are main focused part along with Eye. To turn heads toward you while you are entering into a party hall, Sexy Lips with beautiful face makes it more attractive.

What Makes Lips Sexy ??

  1. Shape: Yes ! Shape plays major role to make lip look more sexy. Most attractive lips are “Top Heavy Lips” “Small Lips”.  Top Heavy Lips look more sexy with makeup. Red lipstick is best friend of these. Small Lips look sexy & attractive because of its cuteness. That lovely pout with small lips make them perfect for selfie.
    Top Heavy Lips - Sexy Lips
    Top Heavy Lips – Sexy Lips


  2. Makeup: Makeup is must to have and highlight the sexy look. Without makeup lips can never be so attractive.

    makeup for sexy lips
    makeup – Sexy! lips
  3. Juicy/Glossy Lips: Dry or cracked lips will never look attractive. Hydrated lips are best to have. Maintain the juicy looks of lips. Drink more water, apply balm with SPF, avoid pollution, etc.

    juicy lips
    juicy lips
  4. Colour: Colour of lips matters less because of many reasons, and first reason is that the makeup / lipstick colour will cover the actual colour of your lips. So don’t worry much about it. Of course the pinkish lips are best to have. It gives naturally sexy lips without any makeup.

Stay tune for more beauty & makeup tips !

Tips to take care of Eye Makeup Products in Rainy Season

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Eye Makeup Products !!

Every product that you use for makeup of eyes is required to be taken care of, as the same is getting used for makeup of the most delegate part of your body – eyes. When we are using something in routine, then chances are more to take it casually and miss some important steps which may lead to damaging of products. This may impact the outcome of makeup as well, if we are using those damaged products for makeup of eyes.

Here we will share basic tips to take care of eye makeup products in rainy season:

  1. Always keep the makeup products in dry place. In rainy season high level of humidity may damage the makeup products.
  2. After using and before storing the products, please make sure that the brushes are properly dry. Storing the products immediately after use, (mainly brushes)  is not suggested.
  3. Never share your eye make up products with anyone. Specially in rainy season, there are more chances of allergy due to unhygienic conditions.
  4. Buy new eye makeup products only after rainy season. It is the  best time to buy new products.
  5. Store the makeup products in air tight box only. Storing them in open is not recommended.

Stay tuned for more make-up & beauty tips !

You must know which Lipstick Colour is good for Rainy Season

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Lipstick Colour for Rainy Season !!

When it comes to wear the lipstick, usually ladies try to match the colour of lipstick with their dresses or will try to make contrast with it. This is a good way to choose shade for lipstick but not the best for rainy season. Some of you may not agree but this is the reality that makeup in rainy season is more difficult and needs more attention. After all you have to look more sexy when the weather is already in romantic mood.

Try to use lipstick shades with matte look rather than glossy ones for rainy season.

Here we will discuss the best lipstick colour for rainy season:

  1. Dark Pink: Dark pink is the colour that girls love to use for lipstick. In rainy season try to use matte finish lipsticks. Dark Pink colour is good to go with in rainy season. dark pink lipstick colour
  2. Baby Pink: Baby Pink Colour lipstick is best to go with if you have smaller and thinner lips. This will not highlight your lips and you can focus on other part of face like eyes or cheeks for makeup.
  3. Peach Colour: First apply the peach colour’s lip liner to give shape to lips, then fill the same with Peach Colour Lipstick. Peach is the best choice for lipstick colour for rainy season.


  4. Red Colour: Red Colour is the other best colour of lipstick to use in any season. This is a must to have in your makeup kit. You can use Red lipstick for party time to give your lips more sexy look.


These were the best lipstick colour for rainy season, although you can try some other shades depending upon the makeup you have opted on your face or the occasion of your party. Save the lip gloss for other days and don’t use it in rainy season. Matte look is suggested by beauty experts and there is no harm to try it out to look more gorgeous.

Choosing the right lipstick colour for rainy season is an art !

Stay tuned for more makeup tips for rainy season !

Which products should I use for Eye Makeup

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Eye Makeup Products !

When it comes to makeup products, women are very specific for their choice because they have to look gorgeous and turn the heads on them. Choosing the right eye makeup products is a thing of art. You have to choose the right shades to right brands to get the right product for eye makeup. We will discuss here how you should choose the right products for makeup.

makeup tips for eyes
makeup tips for eyes

Which Products Should I use for EYE MAKEUP ?

  1. Always use the right colours for eye shadows. It should be matching with the tone of face makeup.
  2. Look out for brands that have better choices of colours as per your taste. Choosing the colour as per your requirement and choice is always better than using what is easily available.
  3. Always try to use all products for eye makeup from same brand. This is not mandatory but better to go with.
  4. Having the eye makeup products from trusted brands is always suggested, as the eye are very delicate part of body. These are very sensitive and use the products that are trusted.
  5. Neither try too many products at a time for makeup, nor from different-different brands.
  6. Reading the reviews from earlier users is better option before using the products first time.
  7. Never try to test too many new products frequently. Trying something new is good but not so frequently.

Stay tuned for more tips for eye makeup !

Beauty Tips for Eye Makeup

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Beauty Tips for Eye Makeup !

Make up is always a hot topic of chat for gorgeous ladies, since ages. Eyes being a lovely, attractive and mysterious, will always get attention from opposite sex. For young ladies (Of course ladies will always be young) these are equally important when it comes for make up. While applying make up on other parts of face like lips, cheeks etc they consider eye make up as first thing to go for.

Tips for Eye Makeup:

  1. Always consider the shape of eye that suits your face. Make the shape accordingly by changing the shape of eyebrow and lashes, before applying any makeup.
  2. Black Kajol is best and basic thing that you must do while doing eye makeup.
  3. Always use the eyeliner while going for party and on some special day-outs. It is the best instrument to re-shape your eyes. Must use to get attractive eyes.
  4. Focus on high-lighting one part at a time. While wearing loud eye makeup, try to keep lips subtle.
  5. When applying the mascara, apply it near to the roots rather than tips. It will give the illusion of lengthy lashes.
  6. Trimming the eyelashes is always recommended. You are lucky if you have sexy lashes to make your eyes look more sexy.
  7. Always remove your eye makeup first, then only wash your face while going to bed in night.

Stay tuned for more makeup tips !