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Why am I Gaining Weight After Marriage ?

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Why am I Gaining Weight After Marriage?

Weight Gain after marriage is very common, especially for couples who live together after marriage. There are a number of reasons for weight gain after marriage but some are very common and are main reasons as well. Some people say it a myth but weight increase has a lot to do with marriage. The reason is not the marriage but is the events that occur after marriage.

Reasons of Gaining Weight After Marriage:

  1. Hormonal Changes: Hormonal changes have a major role in weight gain after marriage. Hormonal changes happen because of life style changes that come after marriage as well as because of sexual activities. Some people say it is a myth but hormones have a major role in weight gain after marriage.
  2. Change in Eating Habits: After marriage when girl start living with the partner then a lot of change comes in her eating habits, which includes the eating preferences, change in time of eating, ingredients of dishes, etc, etc. All these plays to gain the weight. Some couples show a lot of taking care for each other attitude and that comes with a lot of food serving and eating to make feel happy to partner. This leads to gaining weight after marriage.
  3. Eating Out: After marriage, people generally start going out for food. This makes them feel happy and they start eating more and starts eating junk food as well, which helps to gain weight more quickly. Eating more fats in food will increase the weight.
  4. Less Sleep: After marriage, it is very common to get less sleep. As most of the couples are working in these days, so they get time to spend with each other only in evening and night. So to enjoy the newly married life they tend to spend more time together which lefts less time for sleep. This increases the chances of gaining weight after marriage.
  5. Change in Routine: After marriage life changes a lot, especially for girls. As they have to start living in a new house with new people (if joint family). And she has to manage herself as well as her husband’s daily needs. She has to adjust to the new life style that comes with marriage which left less time for exercise. This also increases chances of weight gain after marriage. Happily married life increases the chances of weight gain more.

Stay tuned for tips to avoid weight gain after marriage !

Weight Loss is very easy !! 4 Exercises to reduce the extra weight

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Weight Loss! Thinking to reduce the extra weight!

Get relaxed, no need to go to gym or do heavy and hard exercises. If you are little shy to go to gym to get reduce some extra weight, then no need to worry you  can get best results with these simple exercises without going to gym. To reduce the extra weight you need to make commitment to yourself to follow the routine daily only then you can get best results. Here we will share some simple yet very effective exercises that will help you to get fit from overweight.

4 Exercises to get Fit from Overweight – Weight Loss:

  1. Walking: Yes! Walking is the best thing to do to get fit and healthy. This is easy and effective exercise to reduce the extra weight. Daily walking for 40 – 45 minutes is good for health.
  2. Swimming: Swimming is best exercise to become fit from overweight. Swimming is very effective exercise for weight loss. Daily swimming for 30 minutes is sufficient to get good results. Later you can do it 3 or 4 days in a week.
  3. Jogging: Jogging helps a lot to reduce the extra weight. Daily jogging for 2 KM helps to burn the extra fat and get you fit.
  4. Cycling: If you can manage daily 1 hour for cycling then you can see the results of becoming fit from overweight. Doing both swimming and cycling will give you best results. For cycling better to go out and do it, rather than doing indoor.

Stay tuned for more tips to reduce the extra weight (Weight Loss) by simple exercises!

Am I Overweight ? How to Know that ?

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Am I Overweight?

You can find easily the chart for weight Vs Height on internet and in many medical stores as well as hospitals. Checking the weight regularly is a good habit and maintaining the right weight is much appreciated. Checking the weight with weight machine is the best way but you can judge about your overweight without this as well. Yes! Of course you can. We will share some simple tips by which you can know about am I overweight or not ?

Am I really overweight ?  Have a look on these simple tips to know about it.

  1. If you feel your clothes are getting tight day by day. Then you are on the way to get overweight very soon. Better to take care as early as possible.
  2. Checking your weight regularly is best way to know about it. If you find your weight is increasing regularly then don’t ignore it.
  3. If your friends start saying that you are looking fatty. Start thinking how to control it.
  4. If you feel pain in your knee and back regularly, think about it.
  5. You are feeling tired always and not even feeling energetic in fresh morning.
  6. Snoring in night is also considered as an indication of overweight.
  7. Waist size is best way to judge…. Am I overweight ?

Stay tuned for more tips about good health !

Do You know the Benefits of Eating Healthy Fats ??

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Benefits of Eating Healthy Fats !

Hearing the word fats makes the women cautious about their health. They think they will look fatty and chances to keep up the sexy figure will decrease. So to look sexy and attractive they generally avoid fatty foods.  Many health organizations have maintained the view that taking excessive fats, mainly saturated fats will increase the risk of heart disease and strokes.  But here we are talking about healthy fats, mainly the Unsaturated Fats. Yes ! Unsaturated fats are good for health. There are many benefits of eating healthy fats.

Unsaturated Fats are known as Good Fats.

Monounsaturated Fats: Olive oil, Avocado, nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds are good source of monounsaturated fats.

Polyunsaturated Fats: These include Omega-3 fatty acids.  Fatty fish – salmon, herring are good source of polyunsaturated fats. Walnuts are also rich of this good fat.

Benefits of Eating Healthy Fats for Women:

  1. These healthy fats help women to increase their brain power. These are good for refreshing the mood.
  2. These will not increase your weight but will help to keep up the right weight.
  3. This controls to craving toward taking food too frequently. This helps to keep up the eating habit and not taking the food too many times a day.
  4. These are must for pregnant women. It helps to develop the nerve system and brain of foetus.
  5. These healthy fats help to get and keep up the glowing skin.
  6. These are must for healthy and shinning hair as well as for healthy nails.

Keep eating the healthy fats to stay healthy !

Stay tuned to know more about benefits of eating healthy fats.


Beauty & Health Benefits of Tea !

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Green Tea has taken over whole of the world. Everybody is trying hard to introduce Green Tea in his daily routine. It is well known for its medicinal Benefits but, here we will highlight Beauty & Health Benefits of Green Tea.


  • Green Tea is a warehouse of benefits for skin. It contains anti-oxidants which help against free radicals that are responsible for aging. Thus a cup of Green Tea in a routine would make you look younger.
  • Green tea has anti-allergic properties and thus can help reduce symptoms of eczema. Health benefits are also visible while Green Tea’s use for tackling hay fever.
  • Green Tea is also effective against Sunburn and inflammatory wounds.


  • Drinking a cup of white tea a day could help reduce your risk of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Routine of White tea also helps in reducing wrinkles.

And here a special Beauty & Health Benefit of Green Tea from Novel Beauty Tips Team:
To add shine and luster to your hair, make a strong infusion of green tea. Allow it to cool and use it to coat hair thoroughly. Leave for 10 minutes, then shampoo as normal.
keep tuned to know more beauty tips !

5 Surprising Benefits Of Getting More Sleep

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We humans are working hard throughout the day, some are working hard in physical terms and others are working hard in terms of brain usage. Taking tough decisions for corporate houses, making financial decisions, thinking strategically for future plans, etc all are very hard working tasks in terms of brain usage. After working so hard our body needs rest to recover from the damage that it got while working hard. Best way to get rest and give time to body to recover from the losses that it got, is to go for sleep.

I sometimes wounder that GOD made it all very systematically. We all are working and then going for sleep. And that too is associated with day and night patterns. So it so automatic that even most of us can’t notice the importance of some major things, like sleeping is one from them.

[divider] There are many benefits that are proven medically as well with lot of supporting researches and studies. Here, I am sharing some personal observed benefits, of getting more sleep or adequate sleep, in a very simple way:

  1. Recovery of Losses to Body: While working we are getting tired and that shows that our body is not able to perform further due to lack  of energy and muscle fatigueness. So sleep is the best way to get that energy back. While sleeping, our body is getting recovered from losses that are due to working hard. Sleep gives time to relax the body and get it recharged again.
  2. Good Mood / Happy Mood: Getting proper sleep may not be giving you happiness but less sleep makes you unhappy for sure. Study done among working women show results that proper sleep makes you more happy and you are always in good and happy mood as compare to others who are not taking proper sleep.
  3. Better Sex Life: Not getting enough sleep lowers libido and can make people more likely to have sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. And sleep itself is restorative — it increases testosterone levels, which boosts sexual drive for both men and women.
  4. Better and Safer Driver: For better and safe driving, the driver must be able to concentrate on road while driving. But less sleep makes it very difficult to concentrate. Feeling sleepy makes you more lazy and also increases your response time on road. Driving while feeling sleepy is like driving drunk. Both are a common cause of serious injuries and in tests, sleep-deprived drivers perform like alcohol-impaired drivers.
  5. More Productive and Focused: Productivity comes from focusing and giving required inputs to the task, be it at home or work. The more tired you are, the harder it is to concentrate on something. Distraction can take a toll on both work and your personal life. Researchers say that “attention tasks appear to be particularly sensitive to sleep loss.” So if you want to focus — either on a job or a conversation — make sure to get some rest.

Stay tuned for more tips !

Water and belly fat loss

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Stomach Fat is the toughest fat to lose. One can join a fitness center or restrict yourself to dieting chart but the belly fat won’t go. Here are few simple tips for belly fat loss that you might have been doing but not regularly and you may have known that this could do wonders!


water belly reduction

  • Don’t Drink water after food. Make this your habit to Drink water 30 to 40 minutes after breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will do wonders for belly fat loss.
  • Drink Warm Water: It has been proven medically that warm water helps in fat reduction. Always try to drink luke-warm water. Keep a hot water bottle at your Office too. Follow this as a daily mantra for belly fat loss and you would feel the belly fat reducing.
  • Go for a morning Jog: Always follow a routine to get up early and then drink 2-3 glasses of water. Then start you walk followed by jogging or frisk running.  If you want a fast fat burn, then drink black coffee early in the morning and go for a run!
  • Don’t Drink Water while standing! It is recommended to drink water while sitting in erect position.  Scientifically, it has been proven that drinking while standing lets water hit the lower part of the esophagus strongly & by time this leads to a dilation and relaxation of the sphincter that connects the esophagus and stomach, which finally leads to a medical condition called “GERD: Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease” in which the acids in the stomach pass backward through the “relaxed” sphincter and start “burning” the acid-intolerant esophagus. This leads to the sensation of heartburn that most of people complain of.  Thus you could get 2 benefits by drinking water by sitting- one the relief from acidity and second Drinking water, facilitates an overall reduction of body fat, helping you to trim up problem areas such as the belly.
  • Exercise till you lose sweat: Human body loses great amount of toxins through sweat. So drink water before and after you exercise. As drinking water before, during and after a training session will supply your body with the liquid it needs to replace what is lost through perspiration. This fosters the state of balance needed to burn fat in the most productive manner possible. This will help for belly fat loss. 


Bible for Healthy life- Health care tips

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Healthy, beautiful and blissful life is all what everyone desires. You are fed up today with the daily office and house chores. All these have a devastating affect on your health. So for a healthy and beautiful life, one need to follow a strict schedule.  Here are few tips that we recommend for healthy life.

  1.  Get up early in the morning

morning beauty tips

Getting up early in the morning is the most stubborn thing! But you need to change your habit, if you want a healthy and beautiful life. The morning aura has much to Offer us. So we should feel the ‘positive’ vibes present in the morning and I promise that your life will be the best if you follow what we recommend. The rays coming from the arising sun are considered most sacred in the Ayurveda and Hindu mythology. Scientifically, Morning sunlight is the richest and free source of Vitamin D. In medieval India, children suffering from Jaundice were placed in early sunlight and this helped in curing them. So, we can see that the early sun rise has many benefits, which the lazy persons are missing.

2.  Go for a Morning Walk

morning beauty health tips

Like wise,  a morning walk can do wonders for you. The regular benefits  like weight-loss, physic-fitness, healthy body etc are well-known. But besides these you would be surprised to know that the morning walk has great affect on your skin. For a smooth, flawless and beautiful skin, the fresh morning air does wonders. The fresh air has a blooming affect. If you live near to seashore, then you have the natural healing pool. The ocean water and breeze can do wonders. A dip in ocean waters can cure the daily occurring irritating rashes and acne.

3.   Healthy Diet


Everybody is busy in their corporate life and no one have enough time for hygienic and healthy foods. I just request you to donate half an hour for your food and you could develop a healthy routine thereafter. The fast foods have ruined our lifestyle and the obesity and heart diseases are on the rise. First thing in the morning that you ought to do is- drink lot of water.  In the breakfast eat nutritious diet including green vegetables, oats, fruits, eggs and milk . Always remember the proverb- Breakfast like a king, Lunch like an ordinary man and dinne like a beggar. The healthy food has a cascading effect on your skin and health.  A healthy diet means that you will have flawless, smooth and beautiful skin and a disease free life. This is one of the best natural beauty tips that we can Offer.

Stay tuned for more such health and beauty tips!