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Vaseline Benefits for skin whitening

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Ladies ! Here is a group of Vaseline blends, which will lighten the skin in general and that too in short time with positive results. Vaseline Benefits for skin whitening are known to be very effective if Vaseline is applied in routine. Carefully follow the following methodology for getting flawless and whitened skin.

For skin whitening:

1 . Vaseline + glycerin = bright skin

Take equal quantity of glycerol and mix them together

Apply the mixture on your washed & Cleaned face while going to bed

2. Vaseline + turmeric = open skin

(Don’t Apply Turmeric in Sunlight)

Pack Vaseline with 2 tablespoons of Turmeric. Mix the two amounts and apply them at black areas such as knees and elbows etc.
wash it in the morning and notice the difference

3. For the treatment of darkening of the neck:
3 parts glycerin + 1 part Vaseline + 1 part olive oil + egg yolk + lemon juice dissolved in a teaspoon of yeast. Apply the mixture on the neck for two hours every day.

4.Mix for smoothness and whitening of the legs:

4 spoons of each (Vaseline, Liquid Glycerin)
+ 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar + 1 tablespoon baby powder. Mix well and paint over your legs at night.

5.Mix for soft feet and heels:
Keep your feet for 10 minutes in water added to the apple vinegar or salt.

Dry it well and then apply the following mixtures:
1.Vex + Glysolid + Vaseline.

2. Vaseline + lemon juice
3. Vaseline + lemon juice + liquid glycerin.
Put on a nylon bag and then socks all night.

Stay tuned for more Vaseline Benefits for skin whitening!

Essential Beauty tips for having beautiful hands

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Like face, hands too are an essential part of the beauty aura that one possesses. No doubt, beautiful face attracts everyone but even beautiful hands have a say these days. 80% of the people notice hands when they meet a stranger. So like face, these too bear the wrath of extreme climates and need to be taken good care of.  Several factors affecting our hands are:

  • Day to Day work
  • Gardening
  • Dish washing
  • Car washing
  • Extreme climate conditions
  • Sun exposure and any more.

So to keep your hands smooth, sexy and beautiful always keep them moisturized and clean. Here are few basic things that one could follow for proper hand care:

  • Exfoliate:  Use a hand scrub and rub all over your wet hands. Concentrate on rough skin and try not to rub too hard else you would develop rashes.  Rinse your hands after scrubbing.
  • Massage: Massaging your hand with oil and hand bath will leave your hands smooth and healthy. Prefer a massaging oil for better results.
  • Nourish and Hydrate:  Use rich nourishing cream for hydrating and nourishing your hands. This would make your hands smooth, healthy and beautiful.

hand care tips2

Some additional hand care tips

  • Its better to wear gloves while working in house or doing daily chores.
  • One should avoid direct contact with chemicals and aggressive products.
  • A routine should be followed for manicure and proper hand care. Make it a healthy habit for nourishing your hands everyday.
  • Always wear gloves during harsh weather conditions.
  • See dermatologist if you feel itching or eczema on hands/skin.

Few products that may keep your hands healthy, beautiful and smooth:
[starlist]Oriflame Hand care Kit[/starlist]

  1. one step hand recovery- this is for rough and dull skin. Exfoliating, softening blend of sugar and salt crystals, sweet almond oil, beeswax and Vitamin E.
  2. Intense hand protection concentrate- This is for severely dry hands. Nourishing and protecting balm with Arnica Extract, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond.
  3. Pro-Youth Hand Cream-This keeps hand look younger and healthy with triple protection. A powerful blend of soybean, UV filters and Glycerin.

5 Tips for Beautiful Hands

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5 Hand Care Beauty Tips

With the nail art picking up the show, everybody is there to show off her hands and nails. Have beautiful hands with the following great 5 tips that we provide u ladies with.

  • Try to avoid the more clearer cleanser as the clearer the cleanser, the more it may dry out your skin. And be careful with soaps that contain the harsh chemical triclosan. Instead search for naturally antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus or Honey.

  • 2. Avoid icy and too hot water 

    Hot water makes the skin dry. The basic logic behind it is that it takes away sebum thus leading to dry hands. And yes, be aware of icy water too! It can cause constriction and then a dilation of capillary vessels which may in turn lead to redness.

  • Moisture must be absorbed into your skin. And for this we recommend you to lubricating your hands with oils. Above mentioned lube oil is one of the excellent oils available in the market. Check the Amazon link below.

The nail care looks best with proper cuticles. If the cuticles are dry and hard, then any Hand care would look worse.And if you cut your cuticles, that may bean invitation to infection. Exfoliate hands with a body scrub, then nip only hangnails that you can wiggle. Use other softener as mentioned in the related posts on this website.

Hands like face can wrinkle and spot. Thus always use sunscreen lotion to protect it from extremities.

Natural Remedy for Calluses!

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So many of us suffer from these, hard little patches of built up skin! Don´t worry, its perfectly normal, when a body part continually rubs against something the tender skin forms a protective barrier of hard skin to protect the area it feels is in danger of an injury. The most common place for calluses is on the hands and feet.
It does take time to get rid of them, but it can be done. There are even a couple of good and, even better, natural and inexpensive homemade solutions:

Sugar Scrubs:
Place ¾ cup of granulated sugar in a dry jar, and add enough mineral oil to form a loose paste, after that you can add peppermint, spearmint, sandalwood, musk or any essential oil (optional). Mix it all together, then scrub and gently massage, you can use this anywhere you want to have smooth, soft skin. Do this before shaving your legs, it feels incredible!

Pineapple Peel and Oils:
Cut strips of pineapple peel and cover the callus completely, then tape the pineapple peel in place and leave it on for a couple of hours and repeat it for one week, changing when necessary. The enzymes and acid content of the fresh pineapple will remove the callus. Another option is to apply wheat germ oil, castor oil, sesame oil, coconut oil or olive oil onto the callused area several times a day.

Home made tips: Feet Scrubs for smooth and nourishing skin

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You are here because you are fed-up with dry, sore and cracked heels. Here are few home made tips to pamper your feet with and feel your feet getting the new make-over of smooth and nourishing skin 

1. Lime and mint scrub: All you need for this exfoliating scrub are a handful of mint leaves, sugar, two spoons of olive oil and a lime. Wash and blend mint leaves with a small amount of lime juice. Add sugar, olive oil and mix well. Top it off with some lime zest and apply it your feet after a shower.

2. Strawberry scrub: With strawberries in the season, make a foot scrub out of this fruit that you can store for the future months too. Mash a dozen strawberries, sea salt and two spoons of olive oil till it becomes a chunky mixture.

3. Honey scrub: Combine one cup of brown sugar with equal amounts of honey and two spoons of almond oil. Mix until all the lumps are removed to make thick paste. Massage your feet, using this scrub, in circular motion and concentrate on the rough spots. Moreover, you can even use this scrub for your hands.

4. Oatmeal scrub: Oatmeal helps to clean the pores of your feet. To make this scrub, grind oatmeal into fine flakes and add them to equal amounts of sugar. Add two spoons of aloe vera gel, honey as well as almond oil and mix till it turns into a paste. After using this scrub, nourish your feet with a foot cream.

5. Chocolate scrub: Did you know that chocolate can even be a great moisturiser when used in a foot scrub? Mix half-a-cup of white and brown sugar with equal amounts of cocoa powder. Add one-fourth cup of coconut oil to thicken the consistency of the mixture. Besides scrubbing your feet, you can even use this paste in water as a foot soak.

Hand and Feet Beauty Tips

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There are many people with shiny skin and glossy hair, but their hands and feet are totally unkempt. So, we need to groom ourselves from top to toe. Shabby hands and feet are a blemish on the whole personality.

Hand care

Wash with a non-soap cleanser and use light moisturiser (oil-free) in summer. For thick palms, salicylic acid ointment (3-5%) is usually the best. Vaseline, liquid paraffin, also helps the nails in becoming disease-free. For health of nails, protein is preferred rather than calcium. If there is any problem in the nails, a dermatologist should be consulted as nail diseases are chronic and require prolonged treatment. Use of sunscreen lotion over the dorsal part of the hand helps and if there is any pigmentation, lightening cream at night is helpful.

Feet Care

Washing with a strong soap, as skin is very thick here, helps. Try luke-warm saline soaks – that is putting two tea-spoonful of salt in a litre of lukewarm water. For thick skin (hyperkeratotic), instead of saline, NaHCO3 is put in the same proportion. If the heels or sides of feet are very thick, pumice stone can be used. For corns and calluses, first soften with a corn tape and then do cryotherapy. Usually people have fungus between the toe clefts especially lateral toe clefts, so anti-fungal cream or dusting powder is useful. For smelly feet, KMnO4 wash or condy’s compresses are the rule. That is putting a very few grains of KMnO4, which is a very good antiseptic in a litre of water, making the colour light pink and washing feet once a day. KMnO4 has to be freshly made everyday. Once it turns magenta, it gets oxidised and is no longer effective. Toe nails usually have fungus in about 30% of the general population. It is called Onchomycosis. For that, anti-fungals creams should be started as early as possible

Beauty Tips: Listerine Foot Care

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Haven’t you longed for smooth and sexy feet. Ahh!!! and you have tried many a therapies, creams blah blah ….. but have failed at last. Here is   a simple foot care method that would relish your dreams of smooth and beautiful feet.


1. Listerine

2. Vinegar

3. Warm water

Method: Mix 1/4 cup of Listerine with 1/4 cup of Vinegar and 1/2 cup of warm water. Soak your feet in this mixture for  10 minutes. When you take out your feet, you will see that the dead skin will practically wipe off.

Tips for feet and nail care

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You roam about in the world using your feet. They too need your attention and care. Here are few Tips for keeping your feet smooth and beautiful:

1. Moisturise Your Feet: Wash your feet and pat them dry before going to bed. Apply some moisturiser or oil(e.g. mustard oil) and massage your feet for few minutes. Do this regularly for a month and this will give a smooth and beautiful look to your feet.


2.Cream for Cracks:  If your feet have developed severe cracks consult a podiatrist or dermatologist. Else you can follow the step when or can look for creams containing petrolatum, an emollient, or a humectant such as lactic acid, which draws moisture into the skin.


Beauty Tips: How to Avoid Damage to Hands !

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Our face and hands are the main body parts that we come across touching & visually seen by all the persons we meet daily. All other body parts are wrapped with clothes that we wear but face and hands are usually naked all the time. So it is equally important to take care of hands as we are very particular about face looks.


Daily Tips to Avoid Damage to Hands (Skin)

  • Avoid the direct exposure of hands to the chemicals and hot water. One must use the hand care gloves before doing hard activities like gardening etc
  • Winter will make your hands dry by taking away the moisture from your hands. So use gloves while going out in cold winter.
  • Sun exposure can also cause brown spots and wrinkles on your hands. So better to apply sunscreen lotion before going out in direct sun light.

Natural Beauty Tips for Hand Care !!

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Glycerin, rose water and lemon juice

Mix the 1 tsp of lemon juice, glycerin and 5 drops of rose water And massage your hands and cuticles with this mixture for 10 to 15 minutes daily. This will make your hands glow naturally.

To avoid the wrinkles, you can also apply the egg white on your hands. This works as a good hand mask.