The Best Hair Removal Techniques

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It looks that you are among the very teenager desiring to get rid of unwanted hair from your body. Yes! Every girl today desires for a smooth and flawless skin and desire the unwanted hair to be removed and treated at once. Here we provide the best hair removal practices available in the contemporary world.

 Threading: This is one of the famous technique being practiced from medieval times. This is less abrasive and more precise than waxing.  A thread is used from removing the untreated hair. Thread is rolled and twisted quickly to get the hair removed from the root. This is done usually for short hair growth like eyebrows, mustache hair etc.

Electrolysis: A tiny needle is used to deliver a short radio frequency at the follicle of hair and destroy it. This can be used on all skin types and all hair types like blonde, black, brown etc. This is a type of permanent solution for hair removal but depends on the sitting required as per the hormones and hair growth of person. This usually costs about $ 80-$100 per sitting per person.

Sugaring: Waxing is one the widely used practice for hair removal. But the best waxing is performed with sugar wax. This is made up of sugar, water, lemon juice, and glycerin. This is the best alternative for the different Cream, honey and hard wax work which cause lot of burning  sensation, premature aging and itching problems.

Diode laser hair  removal: Laser hair removal is latest technique being used these days. The laser works by targeting the pigment at the base  of the follicle so it works best on those with dark hair and light skin. This practice covers large area within a short time span. This practice is gaining momentum as this is painless and safe. This is also a kind permanent hair removal technique.



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