Geranium Oil Benefits for Skin

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Geranium Oil Benefits

Geranium or Ratanjot in Hindi(रतनजोत) is the most common found plant in our vicinity. The Geranium (रतनजोत) essential oil is a product of leaf of the plant rather then the flower of रतनजोत.  The Oil is basically extracted from the variety P. geranium, or rose geranium and has many benefits for skin and hair. The Geranium Oil has regenerative properties i.e. it helps to revive fatigued-skin. This Oil is a great ointment for the skin due to its cooling and balancing effect on the skin. Thus it is good for both dry and oily skin. It gives a flawless and glowing touch to skin.

Geranium Oil Benefits:

  1. Geranium Oil is the wrinkle reducer. As it is an astringent, it contracts several parts of body. Thus it tightens the facial skin and slows the aging of skin, giving a glowing and smooth skin.
  2. It is a great healer. Geranium Oil benefits is that it speeds up the process of healing of wounds and cuts. The scars left after a cut or wound are thus faded away by using this Oil. Regular use of geranium Oil also helps in reducing acne scars as it increases blood circulation and fades away the scars.
  3. It is natural Deodorant. Since the smell of Geranium Oil is very pleasant and as it precipitates, the smell of your sweat would be pleasant. Due to its antibacterial properties, it eliminates the body odor and thus is natural Deodorant.
  4. Geranium oil benefits to reduce the acne and helps to heal skin diseases as well.
  5. It is a natural bug repellent, and can be used to heal insect bites.

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